Opportunity Planning

Prioritize investments by inspecting forecasted traffic & conversion improvements and difficulty to rank

Select your target ranks for keyword themes to view estimated traffic & conversions and to understand the effort required to earn those target ranks within your competitive set. Difficulty to rank is derived by scoring your performance against competitors’ performance on all SEO factors that impact rank. Finalize your forecast by using CTR models customized for your industry.

  • Definitive metric for your team to prioritize efforts
  • Ready-made business case to drive concrete action
  • Easy identification of quick wins, short-term opportunities and long-term strategy

Keyword Optimization

Build a plan to improve ranks by identifying your site’s SEO gaps when compared against competitors’ sites

Benchmark and compare your site’s performance against competitor URLs for any keyword. ALPS algorithm analyzes 80+ factors, scoring your pages and competitor pages on elements of Content, Authority & Technical performance. With our transparent scoring system, you can pinpoint problem areas & scope solutions with confidence.

  • Quantification of performance gaps to help prioritize optimization investments
  • Pinpoints high-importance areas of focus
  • Enables a clear, actionable roadmap to success
  • Granular insights & recommendations across SEO drivers

Optimization tools

Content Simulation

Simulate to see predicted traffic and rank impacts before execution of planned content changes

Our one-of-a-kind content simulator leverages a patented scoring algorithm to let you test the impact of proposed content changes before you publish. By scoring content against target keywords, the tool allows you to protect your page ranks or modify your content to ensure it lands on Page 1. The WYSIWYG interface allows you to adjust content on the fly and provides instant feedback in the form of predicted rank and traffic movements for all keywords targeted to the page.

  • Accurate rank and traffic predictions for proposed content changes
  • Enables results-focused content testing
  • Provides instant analysis and limitless iterations
  • Time savings by testing content before loading to CMS and awaiting metrics

Authority Optimization

Improve domain and page authority with in-depth and actionable backlink insights

Analyze the backlink profile for your domain or individual pages on parameters that direct impact rank. ALPS’ link relevancy algorithm scores referring domains and helps identify disavow opportunities that can improve your site’s authority. Through comprehensive scanning, the tool also recommends high-quality potential backlinks that can be added to drive gains in authority.

  • In-depth backlink profile audit
  • Replaces qualitative judgements and manual screening with relevance scoring
  • Enables regular backlink maintenance to sustain and improve site authority

Technical Optimization

Repair technical website errors that impact keyword rankings

Get an overview of the technical health of your site, broken down further for high-traffic pages. Issues across Content, Experience, Indexation, Mobility and Social are reported with their level of criticality and frequency of occurrence to inform action priorities.

  • Weekly crawling of webpages across domain
  • Provides regular reporting of high-impact technical issues that affect SERP ranking

Measurement tools

Performance Reporting

Measure, track and compare organic search performance over time

Track organic performance over time with a birds-eye-view of key metrics. ALPS Reporting Module provides a holistic view of performance including rank distribution, share of search against key competitors, traffic and conversions trends for Desktop & Mobile.

  • Accurate rank tracking with weekly refresh
  • Proprietary algorithm customized by industry to predict traffic at every organic rank for a keyword
  • Keyword-level conversion & revenue reporting with Google Analytics integration