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Content Marketing Strategy for Enterprise

Enterprise content marketing entails creating, curating and sharing high-quality upper-funnel content that serves the needs of your audience. Content marketing helps establish your brand in the early stages of the purchase journey – so when the consumer makes a purchase decision, you have an edge on the competition.

Combining copywriting expertise and data-driven marketing strategies, iQuanti delivers robust content marketing strategy for enterprise organizations.


Content Marketing Services From iQuanti

iQuanti’s approach to content marketing is powered by your data and our proprietary analytics tools. With a laser focus on enhancing the authority and popularity of your brand, iQuanti offers comprehensive content marketing strategy that involves:

  • SEO (on-page and off-page)
  • Social media campaigns
  • Conversion optimization
  • Videos
  • Paid campaigns
  • Analysis and reporting

SEO and Content Marketing Strategy

iQuanti’s content marketing strategy focuses primarily on the upper-funnel/awareness stage of your customer journey. iQuanti’s SEO team will work closely with your team to understand your services, products and the core values of your brand. Based on these discussions, iQuanti will generate insights about your target audience and map their journey through your website. The goal is to understand your audience so well that you can create content for each stage of the purchase journey.

A thorough site audit is carried out to assess your site architecture, followed by mapping keyword themes to different URLs, and then by bucketing the all the website content into different funnel stages. A thorough competitor analysis helps ascertain the authority of their domains for relevant keyword themes and their ranks for relevant, high-search-volume keywords.

Based on this audit, iQuanti’s SEO team chalks up a tailor-made content marketing strategy for your website. A good content marketing strategy involves building a content calendar to determine the frequency of content creation. The content calendar provides inputs about the content to be created at different stages of the customer journey, as well as the purpose the content will serve.

  1. Content Creation:
    Using long-tail keywords, iQuanti helps you create highly relevant blog content, product pages and informational articles that attract more visitors. ALPS, iQuanti’s patented enterprise SEO tool, simulates how all of this content will enhance your ranking for your target keyword themes.
  2. Content Promotion:
    iQuanti offers guidance on content promotion – including how to deploy whitepapers, e-newsletters and e-books that use forms to collect customer information.
  3. Conversion:
    iQuanti then focuses on enhancing conversion with calls-to-action and other tactics to engage prospects and initiate interaction via phone-calls, e-mails or in-person consultations.

Content Marketing Using Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for building brand awareness. iQuanti’s social media management team works closely with the content team to design social media content aligned to the content on your website. Client social media platforms are monitored to gauge customer engagement, responses and feedback.

Creating a social media calendar to plan posts, execute brand awareness campaigns and increase customer engagement are all integral parts of iQuanti’s content marketing strategy. Social media platforms are ideal for sharing discounts, offers or new campaigns, all of which help increase customer engagement and awareness.

Social media excels at promoting brands because it promotes relationships. You can grow an organic following, drive traffic, and even encourage sales. Once you have a social audience of your own, marketing to that audience becomes easier and more affordable.

Conversion Optimization to Support Content Marketing Strategies

Content creation differs based on the stage of customer journey it caters to. iQuanti’s conversion rate optimization team works closely with the content team to plan the flow of content and relevant call-to-action elements. Long-tail keywords, both branded and non-branded, can be targeted to the decision-making stage of the customer journey.

Live Videos to Enhance Your Online Content Marketing Strategy

iQuanti’s team works closely with your creative team to help with creation of live videos that can be included on your website and video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and others. iQuanti’s video optimization services will ensure the right keywords are targeted, not just in the content but in elements like descriptions, meta tags and social posts. This comprehensive approach to video optimization increases your videos’ visibility in searches, while also driving customer engagement on your social media platforms.

Paid Campaigns to Increase Your Audience

Unique content can be created to be distributed via paid campaigns to expand your customer base. iQuanti’s team can assist in creating content and identifying the platforms where the content can be distributed to a larger, relevant audience.

Analytics and Reporting

iQuanti’s data-driven approach helps take out subjectivity from your creativity. We help build a robust content marketing strategy based on analysis of target audience & their needs as well as gap analysis of what content you already offer to meet those needs (and how competitors are doing it differently).

Success of enterprise content marketing is also highly dependent on how your website is performing. iQuanti’s analytics team helps assess various metrics like visits, traffic, bounce rates and click through rates to gain more information about your website.

iQuanti also provides regular dashboards to assess the performance of your content and how it measures against your KPIs at different stages of the customer journey.

iQuanti’s content marketing services help you set up an organized content schedule, analyze your content’s performance, and optimize for conversion. Drive success in your content marketing efforts with iQuanti.

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