There are several days in the year that big pizza brands can count on for increased nation-wide sales including the Superbowl, Halloween (actually in first place), and New Year’s Eve (before our resolutions kick in the next day). According to MediaPost, Pi Day is now in the running for increased widespread pizza interest as chains are offering clever Pi-themed deals. Last year, Domino’s reported a 45% increase, and Blaze Pizza, a 44% gain in searches.

Pizza brands, however, aren’t the only companies capitalizing on this unexpected holiday sensation; tech brands including Microsoft and Newegg are offering 3.14% discounts on their products to celebrate one of the most important mathematical discoveries American consumerism.

So what’s the big deal about Pi?

Well first, it is irrational, like the retail hype surrounding it, but for some, it is a day of awareness for STEM studies. Princeton University takes Pi Day celebrations to another level with creative contests and events to get students excited about math. MIT goes so far as to use this day to deliver acceptance letters to future students.

Mashal Thariani from iQuanti offers a simpler explanation: people like Pi Day because talking about it makes them sound smarter. Nonetheless, Pi Day has been and is increasingly attracting more media attention as marketers use the popularity of the day to their advantage.

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